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Boxes for flower bulbs

Logistics and Export of Flower bulbs

The CreativePackaging Pallet Boxes are a cost effective way to transport flowerbulbs over longer distances. Used -also for bulb storage- in the cut flower forcing trade and by greenhouse growers.

Saving on transport
Loading double hight in a truck when full, giving space to a maximum of 64 full pallet boxes you maximize your truck’s loading capacity.

With up to 16 pallet vboxes per pallet place, fitting 448 empty collapsed pallet cages per truckload you also save on your return transport.

Because of the flexibility in hight you choose the pallet box giving you a maximum fill of your truck.

Sea transport
CreativePackaging pallet Boxes are build to withstand the enormous torsional forces imposed on its four walls through the swinging of its heavy contents in rough seas.

Easy and fast unloading of bulk
CreativePackaging pallet Boxes can have extra  provisions giving it full stability when dumping it’s content using  a fork lift truck.

Ventilation system
The CreativePackaging Pallet Boxes are a reusable packaging solution offering the ideal solution for flower bulb export. Because of its open wall structure the bulbs get enough natural air ventilation during transport. Also we have special constructed pallet boxes in which the pallet boxes’ openings have been optimized to fit with the usual ventilation systems, ensuring a forced vertical air flow through your products. This is mainly used for sea transport in a maritime container.

Stacking 5-high with 5.000kg
Using the CreativePackaging Pallet Boxes you can stack your boxed flower bulbs 5 high (with a maximum of 5x 1.000kg) in a warehouse.

The CreativePackaging pallet Boxes has been developed with attention for detail. And using only the best materials.

Because of this it can withstand many  logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>15 years).

Because all metal parts are sendzimir galvanized, also outside use of the collapsible box is no problem.

Leasing & Pooling
On request we can offer leasing and pooling on larger projects.

Also possible on export projects to for instance Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukrain, and CIS countries